Embodiment & Pleasure Guide

I help people create new relationships and intimate connections with themselves.

A life long interest in sexuality, specifically its intersection with spirit,  the sacred and the erotic as healing modalities, has directed me into this new and emerging profession. 

Through my own process and personal journeys with Somatic Sex Education I began to learn empowering skills that shifted how I am in the world today, not only around touch, intimacy and my own connection to pleasure but in many facets of my life.

A new found confidence and ability to communicate my wants, needs and desires began to sink into my cells.

I began to learn to notice.

I began to develop deeper agency in my life. What I mean by that is, I began to feel more in charge of my life, more connected to my voice, my power and my erotic self.

I became curious.

What did I really want and how do I ask for this? Is it too much? Am I enough? Do I deserve this? Will they give it to me? How will I feel if they say no? Is it really ok to ask for exactly what I want?

Pleasure becomes a practice. Like golf or guitar.....We practice these things, we fine tune our skills, our passions and our joys.

How do you practice your pleasure? Has it become a habit? Is it lackluster or is it expanding and juicy?

The first time someone asked me how I want to be to touched, I cried.

It was a revelation to be asked.

Within the safe and supportive container of somatic sessions I was able to explore my own pleasure, free from attatchments to others and thinking that pleasure came from someone or somewhere outside of myself. Ringing a bell?

How do I want to be touched? For me, that question was loaded with ripe possibility, confusion, excitement and some fear. I learned to slow down and tune in.

I learned to listen to my body and take responsibility for my own pleasure.

I began to unpack some old shame, acknowledged hidden rage, embraced my joy, allowed grief, more joy and liberation, basked in delicious sensations and totally owned my pleasure.

Yup, a myriad of emotions bubbled up. It's not all roses and peaches but I was supported in a non judgmental and safe way to navigate the pleasure, the mess and more pleasure.

I learned quickly that how I wanted to receive touch, of any kind, mattered and that I have a voice and a choice.

In many ways touch was often something I went along with, fumbled through or, in some cases, even endured. Sound familiar?

It is an honour for me to work with courageous explorers who wish to deepen their experience of sexual wellness, pleasure, empowerment and erotic self discovery. My rich, diverse life experiences, studies and wisdom have joyfully led me to working intimiately with people in this capacity.


This work is guided by years of ongoing field related courses and program studies, self development programs, independent research, my astute intuition, extensive training and hands on experience, as well as my own profound healing and formal training as a certified Massage Practitioner and Sexological Bodyworker/Somatic Sex Educator. I maintain professional membership in the Somatic Sex Educators Association and adhere to their Professional Code of Ethics. 

I offer heart-centered, trauma-informed bodywork, education and facilitation for those who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure. 

My belief is that conscious sexual energy and breath are our greatest sources of aliveness and vitality and that to fully embrace all of who we are we need to include our sexuality.

It is our vital source of being in this world, it's how we came to be!

I work with and support folks of all sizes, shapes, sexual orientation and gender identities in a safe, non judgmental, compassionate way to best develop and co create their full erotic potential while untangling cultural and societal shame around sexuality.

All of you is welcome here.

It is my global hope that we may live in a more sex positive culture that promotes, enhances and supports the development of healthy sexuality.