Scars are the visual and visceral history of our body's life experiences. They are both physical and emotional markers of life and of our survival. Unfortunately they can often reduce our ability to feel and can cause numbness, tightness, tension and pain. In working with scar tissue we can regain, reclaim and restore sensation and assuage pain in that area and throughout the body. 

 As a trained Sexological Bodyworker I have been taught how to massage both externally and internally, with men and women, on scars created by trauma, childbirth, injury and surgery. Scar tissue remediation isn't limited to the pelvic region, I have worked on amputations, elbow, knee, torso and chest scars from mastectomy.

With the clients consent I invite them into a place of reflective internal awareness and presence as I approach with curiosity the shape, texture and extent of the adhesion. Often scar wounding can be an area of neglect. It is by bringing attention, intention and awareness to its existence that the healing process begins. Scar tissue can inhibit blood flow, lymph drainage and movement around the wound, creating discomfort, tightness and a pulling sensation. Scar remediation helps to relieve this in breaking up tissue bound or restricted by scarring. Relief is often immediate.

Castor oil is applied and certain massage strokes and gentle palpation are used around and on the scar.The healing properties of castor oil helps in breaking down accumulated collagen fibres and scar tissue.


Some ways in which clients have benefited from scar remediation work are:

  • felt sense of ease and movement in affected area
  • release of pain experienced in other parts of body
  • reduced experience of painful sex
  • postural improvement
  • connection and healing related to physical and emotional aspect of wound
  • increase muscle functioning, circulation and relief from pain
  • acquired learned techniques for client to continue self help
  • sense of empowerment over pain and relief from stored tension and emotional stress in the body

The emotional aspect of scar remediation is vast. Often there are stored emotions in the body that need to be identified and addressed. Scar tissue remediation involves both the physical and emotional. My work does not diagnose or replace other needed mental/physical health care support and I can offer referrals to other health care professionals if requested. I am not a trauma counselor or therapist but my practice as a somatic based bodyworker is trauma informed and assists clients in healing ways that talk therapy alone doesn't always fulfill.


The Japanese art form of Kintsugi, which translates to 'golden joinery' is the ancient art of repairing broken pottery with gold. I liken scars to this, not in the sense that anything or anyone is broken, but that a place where there is a wound or a 'break of flesh' is filled and healed when given care, attention, touch and in this case, remediation. Where a place of prior scar pain becomes elastic, relieved and soft.... creating your own work of scar transformation art.